Crack the code to a better customer experience

Capturi gives you a unique opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ wants and needs, and to unlock your team’s full potential

Capturi’s Speech Analytics solution allows you to

Achieve higher customer satisfaction

Make sure that you fully understand the customers’ needs. 

Our features allow you to identify which approaches provide the highest NPS. You can easily share examples of best practices or great solutions and provide direct feedback in specific situations. 

In that way, you will achieve even greater customer satisfaction together.

Minimise the number of requests

Gain valuable insights into what your customers are most likely to call about and what issues are particularly important to them right now.

Use the insights to create or optimise your self-service or FAQ page. This way, customers can easily find answers to their questions on their own.

Save valuable time and ressources

Avoid hours of manual work and random sampling – without compromising quality. 

With our features, it’s possible to coach each customer service agent quickly and directly. And, your team gets access to a library of best practices from your best employees.

This ensures quality and fast onboarding.

We currently analyse 5 million conversation annually

Customer cases


Customer insights and onboarding using Capturi

  • Data-driven insight into customer inquiries
  • Reduction in the number of inquiries as a result of improvement initiatives
  • +60% improvement in the number of security questions asked
  • +15% improvement in responsiveness to customers

These are some of the results Lunar has achieved after deploying Capturi.

View the entire case here

Lunar is experiencing tremendous growth in customers after receiving their banking license and launching their business product. This growth has led to a large increase in customer phone inquiries, as well as the need to recruit and onboard many new employees for a complex industry.

How Capturi helps:
Lunar uses Capturi for multiple different use cases. Primarily, Capturi is used to identify the most important issues that customers are calling about. Once Lunar identifies these issues, call reduction initiatives are launched to ensure an efficient customer center and great customer experiences.


In addition to customer insights, Lunar also uses Capturi to onboard new employees. This is mainly done by using the library feature to create examples of best practices in different areas. This has made the onboarding process both more streamlined and more efficient.

Effective onboarding and knowledge sharing using Capturi

  • 40% less time spent on onboarding
  • 20% better performance
  • 15% less turnover

These are some of the results Peak Marketing has achieved among their new reps after having implemented Capturi

View the entire case here

Peak Marketing’s employees are geographically dispersed throughout the world. As a result, it can be difficult to be close to each rep and provide ongoing feedback. Also, it is challenging to onboard new employees when they are not physically together. Especially in a call center, where onboarding and training new employees has traditionally been done through methods such as ‘tapping’ more experienced agents.

How Capturi helps:
Peak Marketing uses Capturi’s intuitive library feature to create examples of ‘best practice’ in different areas. This has streamlined and simplified both their onboarding process and ongoing training and knowledge sharing within the organization. Specifically, Peak Markting used Capturi’s AI-powered platform to create a catalog of examples from specific conversations in areas that are important to the company. Areas such as:

  • Product descriptions
  • Objection handling
  • How to talk about pricing
  • Good ways to start or end a conversation
  • How to answer the most common questions

Both new and more experienced employees always have the library at hand when inspiration is needed, or knowledge needs to be shared in a distributed workplace.

Get a head start with Capturi

Free yourself from hours of manual work, and dive into company specific data that characterises your team.

The software offers 4 integrated use cases:

Voice of the Customer – understand your customer enquiries

Gain valuable insight into the most important subjects and issues your customers are calling in about and what matters most to the in this very moment.

This gives you a unique possibility to address these subjects by continuously implementing specific guidelines and tangible suggested solutions. Also, it gives you the opportunity to collect your customers’ most frequent questions in a FAQ or support site, so customers can easily find the answers themselves.
This results in a better and more efficient customer experience, fewer customer calls, and improved NPS.

Relevant Features for you who want to understand your customers:

  • Customised trackers
  • Management reporting
  • Automatic subject identification
Voice of the Agent – provide a pleasant customer experience

Learn more about your successful conversations and find out what creates good customer conversation

Capturi brings you closer to your customer service reps’ conversations. Provide quick and concrete feedback to each rep so they know what is working particularly well and what they need to improve.
This ensures the quality of your team’s customer meetings and the development of your employees.

Relevant Features for those interested in Voice of the Agent:

  • Trackers
  • Quality and documentation assurance
  • Automatic subject identification
  • Automatic identification of particularly good and less good words
  • Comment and feedback function
Coaching og onboarding – provide individual feedback

Save valuable time and resources and copy the techniques of your best employees across your team.

With Capturi, you can streamline and concretise your feedback for each team member and ensure new reps only have access to hear – and learn from – your successful conversations.

This way, you will create higher employee satisfaction, while ensuring faster onboarding.

Relevant features for you who are  interested in improving your coaching and onboarding process: 

  • Library with good examples
  • Comment function
Compliance – documentation and quality assurance

Capturi documents all your customer conversations, making it easy and effective to ensure your employees know what to say in specific situations.

This makes it easy to document your compliance and ensure a focus on quality – especially you and your team work remote.

What other customer service managers say about Capturi

We onboard many new employees in our customer centre and it is often time consuming and difficult to ensure high quality onboarding. With Capturi, we can save oceans of time while ensuring high quality and consistency in our onboarding.

Christian Strøm

Director Of Customer Service, Lunar

Capturi is a great tool to build a data-driven customer centre and provide better customer experiences. It’s unique how Capturi can provide insights into customer enquiries and how you can easily derive concrete initiatives to improve reps’ handling of enquiries.”

Tommy Langhoff

Founding Partner, Expand Consulting

Capturi is a great tool to get insight into what questions customers have. It’s incredibly easy for me to make statistics on customer enquiries, and identify solutions to better handle those enquiries.”

Jacob Hansen

Data Scientist, Lunar

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