Capturi’s Cookie og Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy was last updated November, 2020


Capturi A/S (“Capturi”) is responsible for the protection of information you provide to us and entrust to our processing, in accordance with applicable law.
It is important to us that you feel comfortable with Capturi’s processing of your information. We therefore review in easy-to-understand language, and thoroughly, what information Capturi collects or receives, and what Capturi is entitled to do with that information. If you have any questions, please write to us. We always try to help as best we can.

It is emphasized that this privacy policy only covers our processing of personal data as data controller. It therefore does not govern our processing of personal data in our capacity as data processor on behalf of our customers as data controller. This processing, including the processing of data of the users created by our customers, will be regulated in our subscription agreement with the customer, as well as the data processor agreement concluded with the customer. For this processing, it is thus our customers, as data controllers, who have control over our processing. If you, as a user of our Capturi software solution, have any questions about our processing of data, please contact the organisation that invited you as a user of our solution.

At Capturi, we are committed to ensuring that your information is protected in the best possible way when you use our offerings and services. Your security and trust in Capturi is an important part of our business, and we take it very seriously.
Capturi’s Privacy Policy describes how we responsibly and confidentially process your personal information. Capturi processes and may store personal data with secure third parties who are either subject to the same rules or who have the same standards of processing security as Capturi.

Capturi employs specialists with in-depth knowledge in both the field of security and secure processing of personal data.
Capturi is equipped with organizational and technical security measures that are appropriate and effective for the protection of all information that we process. This means that Capturi is equipped with measures that, among other things, protect your data against loss, manipulation, and unauthorised access. We continually adapt our security measures to keep pace with technological developments.
Any questions about security can be directed to

Who has access to your information?
Your personal data is strictly confidential. It will only be disclosed to third parties who are deemed reasonably and necessary to use your data in order to ensure our best possible processing of your information.
In addition, we will only disclose your personal data to others if permitted or required to do so by law, contractual relationships, or contractual requirements.

What information is collected and processed?
You are now presented with a general picture of what information we process:
Name, email address, phone number, address, cookie data (general personal data).
If you provide other personal data voluntarily, we will also process these data to the extent appropriate.
If your personal data is not provided by you, it will always come from publicly available sources.
The information will only be processed to the extent that it is sufficient, relevant, and always limited to what is necessary to fulfill our obligations to you in relation to your interaction with us.

Processing basis
We will only process your data in accordance with applicable law, including the GDPR. This also means that we must have a lawful basis for processing your personal data.
Thus, we process your data on the following lawful bases:
– If we have received your consent to process your personal data for one or more specific processing purposes,
– if the processing is necessary for the performance of a contract you have with us,
– where processing is necessary for compliance with applicable law; or
– where processing is necessary for us to pursue our legitimate interests, in which case you will be able to ask us for evidence of our balancing of interests.

Third party processing
We use third parties to process your data. This includes external and professional companies, such as suppliers and partners, who help us to deliver and provide our service in the best possible way, as well as handle your data.
Capturi only processes personal data with secure third parties who are either subject to the same rules as us, or who have chosen to follow similar rules for secure processing.
The transfer of your data is done in accordance with applicable law and this policy. Thus, third parties may not use the data for their own purposes and may only process it on behalf of Capturi for the purposes of our processing, e.g. sending you a newsletter you have signed up for.

Purpose of collection and processing of information
Capturi’s purpose in processing your information is to be able to identify you and to serve you in the best possible way as a visitor to our website, as a potential business partner, as a possible employee, or in any other way depending on the reason why you have chosen to interact with Capturi.
Capturi does not make any automated decisions in our processing of your personal data.

Your rights
As a user of Capturi, you naturally have all the rights attributed to you by applicable law. This means that you have the right to be informed about what personal data Capturi processes concerning you, as well as to request such data to be corrected, deleted, or provided.
If the processing of personal data is based on consent, this can be changed or revoked by contacting us directly at, or by following the instructions to this effect in emails received from Capturi in accordance with the consent.

If you are dissatisfied in any way with our processing of your personal data, we will express our regret in advance and will make ourselves available to resolve any such dissatisfaction. This is best done by sending a complaint to us at, which we will deal with as soon as possible.
In addition to the possibility of contacting Capturi directly, you are also entitled to address any complaints you may have to our national supervisory authority: the Danish Data Protection Agency, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby. For further guidance on this complaints process, please refer to the Danish Data Protection Agency’s website:

Data retention period
Data is kept for the period permitted by law and we delete it when it is no longer necessary to process. Every reasonable step is taken to ensure that data which is inaccurate for the purpose for which it is processed is erased or rectified without undue delay.
Thus, time limits for erasure or periodic review of data processed as a controller are in place internally at Capturi. Such time limits are determined, inter alia, by the nature and the context of the data.

We reserve the right to update and amend this policy. The latest version will be available on our site at all times. The date of the version of the Personal Data Policy is indicated at the bottom of the document. In case you do not read this policy directly on our website, it is recommended to check the policy’s date statement with the date on the privacy policy on our website. If changes are made to our processing of personal data, we will also notify you by means of a visible notice on our website.

Cookie policy
Capturi owns and operates
A cookie is a small text file that is stored locally on your computer. It contains your settings about a given website, such as computer settings, features and other information that enhances the experience of a website.

Capturi uses cookies to provide you with the best possible experience of our service. This includes customising trends, administering the website, tracking user movements, collecting demographic information and marketing to something we think interests you, and to measure website traffic. When you visit and use our website, we process cookies based on your consent.
It is important for us to tell you that a cookie cannot contain a virus or otherwise be harmful to your devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) If you want to know how to delete or block cookies, read on below.

What are cookies and what does the cookie policy mean?
A cookie often contains a unique identifier, which is an anonymous number (randomly generated) and stored on your device. Some expire at the end of your session on the site; others remain, by purpose, longer on your device.
When we refer to cookies, we should point out that there are many different kinds and technologies than just cookies.

First-party cookies are cookies issued by Capturi.
Operationally necessary cookies: these cookies matter a lot to our website. They enable you to use our website in the best possible way. It is not possible for you to disable these cookies as they are strictly necessary to ensure the delivery of the service that you have explicitly requested to use.

The website also uses the following categories of recipients:
– Preference cookies
– Statistics cookies
– Marketing cookies
– Unclassified cookies

We use cookies to better understand your experience of the website. This means we use it to remember settings or target advertising etc. This way you will have a better experience of our website. For this, we further store your IP address and our use of the website (“Cookie Data”)
Cookies are used to perform static, remember settings or target advertising etc. They may send certain information back to the party that issued the cookie.

How can I avoid cookies?
You will be able to avoid certain cookies by configuring your browser settings or not using the website in the future that controls the cookie. Check your browser settings for more information. You can also follow the various guides available here:
Find out more about who we are, how to contact us and how we process personal data in our privacy policy.

If you have any questions or complaints regarding the collection or processing of information about you, please contact us at: