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Customer insights and onboarding using Capturi

  • Data-driven insight into customer inquiries
  • Reduction in the number of inquiries as a result of improvement initiatives
  • +60% improvement in the number of security questions asked
  • +15% improvement in responsiveness to customers

These are some of the results Lunar has achieved after deploying Capturi.

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Lunar is experiencing tremendous growth in customers after receiving their banking license and launching their business product. This growth has led to a large increase in customer phone inquiries, as well as the need to recruit and onboard many new employees for a complex industry.

How Capturi helps:
Lunar uses Capturi for multiple different use cases. Primarily, Capturi is used to identify the most important issues that customers are calling about. Once Lunar identifies these issues, call reduction initiatives are launched to ensure an efficient customer center and great customer experiences.


In addition to customer insights, Lunar also uses Capturi to onboard new employees. This is mainly done by using the library feature to create examples of best practices in different areas. This has made the onboarding process both more streamlined and more efficient.

Effective onboarding and knowledge sharing using Capturi

  • 40% less time spent on onboarding
  • 20% better performance
  • 15% less turnover

These are some of the results Peak Marketing has achieved among their new reps after having implemented Capturi

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Peak Marketing’s employees are geographically dispersed throughout the world. As a result, it can be difficult to be close to each rep and provide ongoing feedback. Also, it is challenging to onboard new employees when they are not physically together. Especially in a call center, where onboarding and training new employees has traditionally been done through methods such as ‘tapping’ more experienced agents.

How Capturi helps:
Peak Marketing uses Capturi’s intuitive library feature to create examples of ‘best practice’ in different areas. This has streamlined and simplified both their onboarding process and ongoing training and knowledge sharing within the organization. Specifically, Peak Markting used Capturi’s AI-powered platform to create a catalog of examples from specific conversations in areas that are important to the company. Areas such as:

  • Product descriptions
  • Objection handling
  • How to talk about pricing
  • Good ways to start or end a conversation
  • How to answer the most common questions

Both new and more experienced employees always have the library at hand when inspiration is needed, or knowledge needs to be shared in a distributed workplace.


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