More than just a software solution

The recipe for a good conversation is far from simple. But the path to it can be made simpler. That is why we have developed software for companies that want to streamline manual processes.
Capturi is a plug-in software that can be easily connected to your contact centre solution. Capturi then automatically analyses your customer conversations and turns them into valuable insights regarding:
– your employees’ most successful techniques
– your customers’ most frequently asked questions
– how you replicate best practice
and much more
This allows our customers to quickly create an overview of their successful conversations

From conversations to insights

Capturi automatically captures all customer calls using an integration to your dialer.
The conversations are then transcribed using machine learning, speech analytics and statistical analysis.
These transcriptions are turned into valuable insights in the platform. Here, you can continuously provide concrete feedback and set up tailored trackers to identify current trends.
From these insights, you can quickly and easily dive deeper into your customers’ enquiries, your employees’ techniques, ensure the quality of your conversations and make improvement initiatives.

The dynamic software

To make our speech recogniser as accurate as possible, we are constantly working to improve our AI engine. One way we do this is by training both our speech recogniser and our super computer.
In this way, we ensure that the software is constantly improving its ability to distinguish words and phrases from each other and decode dialects. Because it is all about context.
We have an agile mindset and our approach to development is very much shaped by our customers’ needs. This means that all improvements are made in close collaboration with our customers. That is one of the reasons why we have developed several bespoke features that can be adapted to individual businesses.

Capturi is therefore a dynamic software that is constantly evolving, and which is continuously adapted to our customers’ changing and different needs.


Security means a lot to us.
That is why we secure and encrypt all data in accordance with the Data Protection Act, so that your data remains in safe hands.
We place a very high value on GDPR. Therefore, we have built security measures, such as anti-malware and backup and logging of actions and accesses into the platform.
You can read more about data security, GDPR and recording customer conversations here.


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